d2 Financial Solutions work together with many professional advisers to provide bespoke pension solutions for clients considering the relative merits of  transferring their defined benefit pensions.

As an introducer to d2 Financial Solutions, you can be assured that we will work with you to ensure that together we achieve the best possible client outcomes. We are always mindful of the existing relationship our introducing partners have with their own clients and so will work with you to deliver a solution to each client on which we both agree in terms of suitability. D2 Financial Solutions have responsibility for advice and all of the associated research and administrative work involved in making a recommendation for a defined benefit pension; thereafter client servicing passes back to you. We will not make direct contact with your client unless asked to do so by you.

If you would like to discuss how we might work together for the benefit of your clients, please contact our Business Development Manager, John McGuire

Our Process

As the introducing partner you know your client best, what their goals are and what level of risk they will be comfortable with. We will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your client, whether this is to keep the existing scheme benefits they have or to consider a transfer out.

If a transfer is in your client’s best interest we will work with you to design and implement a suitable solution and having completed the transfer, you will then assume responsibility for the ongoing servicing of the client.

Stage 1 of the process is to accurately record your client’s current situation and objectives. We have a tailor-made fact-finding document specifically designed to capture the key financial information needed for a defined benefit pension. It is vital to ensure we have full and complete information about both the client, their partner, their overall pension arrangements, proposed retirement income spending (both essential & discretionary spending) and also their assets and objectives / needs.

Stage 2 – we review the information and liaise with you to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your client before passing this to one of our in-house pension transfer specialists.

Stage 3 – our pension transfer specialist team will analyse your client’s circumstances and objectives and, once our research is fully completed, for a transfer recommendation we supply the introducing adviser with the following items to sign up the case, if a client chooses to proceed:

  • Suitability Report detailing our recommendations, benefits, risks and costs
  • Transfer Value Comparator Report (TVC) detailing our analysis of the pension
    scheme, Key Features Documents for the product recommended and a client-specific
  • FE Analytics charts demonstrating the performance of the investment solution
    chosen within the selected product wrapper.
  • A set of discharge documents for the defined benefit scheme for the client to sign
  • A provider application for the client to review and sign
  • A declaration for the client to sign noting they understand the advice provided and acknowledge that D2 Financial Solutions has provided the transfer advice

We supply the above documents in an email with clear instructions of what must be obtained from the client to complete the discharge process and application process. In all cases we check the scheme specific discharge requirements and confirm what is needed in all cases.

Stage 4 – Having completed the business submission documents and sent them to us we will process the transfer request and liaise with the ceding and receiving scheme until the transfer is completed.

We will update you on the progress of the case and confirm when the fee has been paid to allow you to mandate the client back to your company.

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